Find out what we're about... '...interesting domain fact o' the day: a Google search for 'cosmetics' in the UK returns a .UK.COM address in the top three results.' - Kevin Murphy, DomainIncite

About UK.COM:

UK.COM is the UK's premier domain extension offering excellent domain names together with both the local identifier "UK" and the superior global visibility of ".COM".

UK.COM is the preferred domain extension for leading local and global companies - everyone from Microsoft to Radiohead use .UK.COM domains.

UK.COM is credible, recognizable and trusted - the perfect foundation on which to build a successful online presence.

Whether you want to tell the world that you are British or access the massive buying power of the British market, you will find the domain name you want on UK.COM.

About CentralNic:

UK.COM is owned and operated by CentralNic, the world's longest-running commercial domain name registry, and the only registry to launch two new domain extensions in 2010. 15 years of continuous 100% availability has made CentralNic the global domain name registry with the best track record for reliability and security.

Operating 26 premium domain extensions worldwide, CentralNic also provides services for new Top Level Domains requiring proven secure and stable technology, global distribution, expertise in domain sales and marketing, and even financing - with special programs for .brand domains, IDN domains, and industry associations.

Good Business Ideas Require Great Domain Names:
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Compromise is never a step on the road to excellence, so rather than compromising on the name they want using a .com or a domain, savvy businesses like sushi chain Wasabi, Michelin-starred restaurant Sketch, and ethical jewelry website, are obtaining the domain they want at UK.COM, as the home for their websites. Make your business idea stand out with the name you actually want - one that precisely communicates your business proposition and allows customers to instantly understand how you can help them.

Where other domains names are plagued with speculators and cyber-squatters, the best UK.COM domains have been retained for people who want to build great websites. Try us - you'll be surprised at the great domains that are still available...

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Be Seen With a UK.COM Domain:

Websites published on UK.COM domains very often occupy prime position in search results in the UK.

Opinions vary as to whether this is because the smartest web publishers choose .UK.COM domains or whether it is UK.COM's powerful combination of the global preference for .com and the regional specificity of UK that contribute most to the remarkable search engine rankings achieved by .UK.COM websites.

The domain names ending with present no more of a challenge than or .com domain names for achieving excellent search engine rankings, even for competitive keywords. In fact, and on the contrary, these domains represent just about the only remaining opportunity to get your target phrase into the domain which can really help shorten the SEO process.

Dennis Engel, CEO of the Web Marketing Group, SEO Consultancy -


  • ranks number 3 after ( and a multibrand .com website) for one of the most competitive search terms on the internet - "cosmetics"
  • ranks number 1 for the term "hotels uk".
  • UK.COM websites, and, rank 1 and 2 for the term "dance studio", above a website that exactly matches the search term.

Pineapple Dance Studio


UK.COM domains will appear in general search results in every country in the world, due to their .com component. By contrast, domains ending with country codes like virtually never appear in search results outside of that country.

So you see, a UK.COM domain is more that just a perfect name, it's a powerful marketing tool that helps your business, brand, community or blog reach its greatest potential.

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