UK.COM AWARDS the opportunity of a life time for the Dragon's Den Generation

(LONDON) The show is over, the Dragon's have chosen their next ventures and the TV crew have moved onto other things; but many budding entrepreneurs in the UK did not get the chance to pitch to the panel. It is more than a craze we find ourselves in, the UK has been ensconced by a new Dragon's Den Generation, who are hungry to succeed and full of ideas. The UK.COM AWARDS are a brand new initiative looking to support and encourage entrepreneurship in the UK.

What are the UK.COM AWARDS?

The UK.COM Awards are a new initiative from UK.COM, recognising original ideas and excellent design, content and functionality in British websites.

Winners in four categories will be selected by a jury of experts, and both the website owner and the website designer will be recognised. The overall winner will be awarded a cash prize of £5,000. Nominations close on the 31st of December, with judging and prize giving to be held in the new year.

What is UK.COM?

The UK.COM Awards are a philanthropic extension of UK.COM's existing service – providing desirable domain names ending with “” to British organisations ranging from Pineapple Dance Studios ( to Avon ( to thousands of creative projects and successful business start-ups.

“The first step in making your idea for a website or business a reality is securing the domain name that you really want. In the UK that means a name ending .UK.COM, which combines a British identity with the dot-com ending that attracts 90% of all web traffic.” said Ben Crawford, CEO of UK.COM parent company, CentralNic.

How to enter

The competition is open to all existing and planned websites using a .UK.COM domain. British website owners and designers can nominate their own websites, or sites they designed. Members of the public can nominate sites they appreciate. There is no fee for nominees, and nominators may submit more than one website.

To start nominating, go to WWW.UK.COM and fill out the simple form. It takes less than a minute. For those who have not yet realized their online vision, they can simply explain their idea in the space provided.

For more information on the UK.COM Awards or the UK.COM, contact:

SOPHIA SHEPODD - - 0870 017 0900